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some bad news

Posted by ApexHD - 1 month ago

Today on 25th of january, 2021 i lost my mother from an internal bleeding caused by alot more health problems.

she had to go to the hospital for hemodialysis, she got covid from the hospital and then she went to МБАЛ hospital in Samokov, Bulgaria. The doctors took her because she was sick but she was brave enough to stay, the conditions of the room were disgusting, something that no human should go trough, its something you wouldnt want even to your worst enemies. My father decided to check up by himself 3 days ago (thank god) and saw her on her bed, sick as hell. she was waiting for a doctor to fix her infected leg but heres the thing, there was no doctor for that in the hospital, they LIED to a PATIENT that had their life in danger. my father and a doctor insisted they transfer her to Света Анна in Sofia. at first they rejected but then they agreed since she actually got pneumonia while staying there. After the transfer she seemed to get a bit better, not getting worse but a good sign, then the next day they say shes still like that but seeming to be a bit better and then today, when at first the doctors thought she was getting better but at 10 or 11 (i dont really know) she started puking blood. the doctors did everything in their power to save her life but failed. its sad to see her go at the early age of 42, it hit my family hard, my grandmother, father and me were in shock for the first 2 hours. im 14 and ive never really expected such a thing at an early age, its not really something a person my age should go trough, but atleast i have accepted that its for the better, i wouldnt have to see her suffer, slowly dying and visiting hospitals every week. im not making this just to lie on the internet, im not saying all of this because i want people to give me attention, no, im saying this because its sort of my way to cope with her passing, its not easy and it never will be. wish you all the best out there, and stay safe, if not for your sake, for your family and friends. see you soon



Comments (3)

I am really sorry, may your mother rest In peace

My sincere condolences are within yours my friend

I can't imagine what you are currently going through. I'm wishing the best for you and your family.